The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

My name is Zac Howarth, I am officially making my first post today to simply introduce myself and tell you a little history and why I am here today.

To start off, on the date of this post, I am 20 years of age and making the big move from a small country city, to the big capital of my state for a career opportunity. In doing so, I have been given an added, more mature perspective, not only on myself, but on how life works around me.. Before making this commitment, all I knew was a small knit community, with less diversity, less opportunity and less sense of confusion. Within weeks, I found myself pretty much moved up and settled in. Although in all honesty, I still don’t feel settled, or better yet, comfortable. I find myself struggling with the idea of the fast paced, business styled environment, where I feel like a small cog, doing my part to operate a big machine. Now I understand every individual will approach this hurdle at least once in their lifetime. However, it goes to show, when a change is made, especially external, the adjustment feels tenfold.

Now, moving on from my situation…

I have realised, with change, comes growth, and with growth comes personal success. Or better known as, self development. You will hear these terms quite often, and the reason for that is simple. Life is about growing and becoming a better individual each and every day. Now that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go out and become generous to every person in sight, or run as a political leader in your community. It is more deep than that. It’s about an ever-developing mindset, a positive influence you provide to those around you, and most importantly, each decision you make as life comes hurdling toward you! With these three aspects, I will dedicate my time to trying to achieve personal success, and I hope to provide valuable teachings to you, allowing for your personal success to shine even brighter than mine.

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