How to Master Relationships.

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We all at some point in our lives experience a romance like no other. It feels like a dream that will never end. This is until one day, out of the blue. Everything goes side ways and you find yourself confused, heartbroken and even angry.

I have definitely been there before and although it isn’t a great situation to be in, it is vital to have that experience to fully understand and respect future relationships. I believe that from pain we all grow wiser, more mature and even gain a certain resilience to that same kind of pain. I can proudly say that I have since found the girl of my dreams and we have been dating now for nearly 3 years. So I want to give you some tips on how you can find that same love, respect and genuine happiness with another person.

Before you dive into the dating scene, I urge you to look in the mirror and figure out if you are truly ready to take on such a big commitment. If you are doing it simply because you are lonely, or you feel as if you are being left behind by your peers then I recommend take a second thought. It may sound harsh, but the reason I say this is because in order to make someone else happy, you need to happy with being single and you also need to be prepared to be in a committed relationship for all the right reasons with expectations that are realistic.

Realistic expectations of a relationship aren’t a simple fairy tale. There will be ups and downs, there will be disagreements and there will be times that you test each others nerves. But it all comes down to understanding that this happens in everyday life, as no two people are the exact same. You also need to be prepared to accept those downs, so you can learn from them and grow together.

Just like making it through university, or getting offered your dream job. It all demands constant attention and work. You need to be prepared to put in all the hours of wanting to be together and really believing in one another. Without any of that commitment, things like trust, respect and loyalty won’t even come into the picture, let alone true love and passion.

Now, I know this may seem like a bit of a downer and you were probably expecting words of positivity and joy. This is what a lot of people don’t understand and if only they could realise that with a bit of hard work, the reward at the end of the tunnel is absolutely priceless and irreplaceable!

So if you aren’t in a relationship and you feel as if you are ready to find ‘the one’. Then start searching, but keep this in mind and constantly tell yourself you need to be able to see yourself working through the disagreements and down moments with ‘the one’ because without those moments, no relationship can last long term.

If you are lucky enough to be in a relationship with someone right, then great! I hope you understand this and you two are truly doing amazing things together. But, if you are unsure of your future, or are newly in a committed relationship, this piece of advice will honestly set you up for long term success and happiness. You just need to keep working at it!

I understand people have all of their own beliefs and pieces of advice, and I am not discrediting them in anyway! This is just based off of what I believe to be an important aspect in helping develop a great, long term relationship!

Be sure to stay tuned, as I will be posting more topics around relationships and giving pointers that will contribute to a happy life with your loved one, as this isn’t the only aspect!

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