Networking 101

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Have you ever wondered how certain people gain access to opportunities or the chance to meet with successful people? Regardless of their skills or position in life, they just seem to land on their feet all the time. This is the power of networking.

Networking is the ability to connect with like minded individuals in the same field of expertise as yourself, as well as those in other fields too. This is a powerful tool that can come in handy down the track when you need to call in a favour, find inspiration or even just simply ask a question. Whatever it may be, networking can help you hurdle over challenges in your career.

From experience, I found myself not quite sure how to network, or what to do in order to connect with other individuals. It was until I came across How To Get Your First Millionaire Mentor, where Stefan James said the best way to connect is by simply seeking out a potential mentor and offering them a form of value through what you provide. This is vital, because it proves you’re willing to give up your time to help them out in anyway they may need assistance and the best part is, it’s free!

So if you are looking to seek out someone in your field to learn from, send them a text offering up your time and value and state that you want to get to know them better. This may not work on your first attempt and to be honest with you. It probably won’t work a lot of the time. But if you stay persistent, you only need one person to accept your offer in order for you to start developing that network!

I use a networking platform called LinkedIn to build my network. It is a great platform to share creative ideas and learn from other people whom are willing to offer value as well as take value! This is the first step I took in applying this knowledge and I believe this should be the first step for you too!

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