The Truth About Progress.

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Growth isn’t consistent.

It is all too common to feel impatient and frustrated at your progress towards your goals. I am guilty of this myself. In a world where we seek instant gratification, it becomes easy to forget that good things take time.

Implement these strategies to remind yourself of that end goal and to embrace the process:

  • Create a plan for action.
  • Implement new strategies.
  • Revisit what your goal means (Why is it important?)

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Motivation Disappears

When you embark on a journey to a newly inspired goal, you are pumping motivation and excitement through your veins! The first month is amazing, you are making great progress. This is until you see a decline in results. You feel disheartened and confused. Suddenly you want to give up and move on.

Don’t give up! Motivation is purely a reaction related to a positive experience. The more results you see, the more motivated you are to continue working hard. Just like we previously mentioned, “Growth isn’t consistent“. Therefore, motivation isn’t consistent.

It’s vital to remember that;

  • With consistency in effort, you will regain motivation.
  • Optimism is underrated, therefore you must stay positive.
  • Sticking to your game plan is your best chance of succeeding.

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Trial and Error

Success is a result of experience and experience cannot be gained without failing. What I mean by this term is that you need to be prepared for your best idea to fail.

You must remember that no matter how successful a person such as Bill Gates can be, he has probably failed more times than you have tried. Gates had a company before Microsoft that was based around a device that read and processed traffic tapes. This was called Traf-O-Data. Today, his net worth is $77.5 billion USD. So this goes to show, he tried an idea and it didn’t work, so he went back to the drawing board.

Important lessons to embrace:

  • No matter how bad you fail, move on to the next big thing.
  • Always be prepared to fail, but prepare to succeed.
  • Never let negativity persuade your ideas.

For more success stories about how rich people failed miserably before obtaining success, visit here.

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Power of Positivity

I know you have read countless articles and heard many people state “keep your head up, stay positive.” This is true and I am not discrediting that piece of advice at all.

I am going to be sharing with you what makes positivity so effective and how it can be the difference in progressing towards your goal and failing horrendously.

Positivity creates a fun, care-free and non-judgemental environment. When you are optimistic, you see the good in every situation before the bad. This is a great mindset to set you up for success.

Case study:

James has started up his own business with the goal to sell performance based clothing. His website has launched and his first batch of his clothing line has arrived! James promotes his product and sells 15 in his first week. Everything is going great until he receives a couple of negative reviews. A few customers are complaining of loose thread around the areas that were stitched and they demand a refund.

James stays positive and takes these reviews on board. He offers a refund and decides to spend more money on better quality fabric. The next month, James sold 30 more pieces of clothing. He receives mostly great reviews and his next order summary is through the roof!

So as you can see with James’ case. His positive outlook on bad reviews allowed him to identify his error and correct it. This gave James better quality clothing that sold and his reviews were very positive!

In order to reach your goal you must:

  • View set backs as a learning curve and correct those failures.
  • Identify the potential positive outcome instead of the negative.
  • View ALL feedback as an opportunity to improve.


There you have it. The reality behind progress is that results are exponential and volatile. You will have times where you lack the motivation to continue working hard and you will also discover what works for you and what works against you. That being said, staying positive and consistent will get you closer to your goals!

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