How I Deal With Negative Emotions


Negative emotions are toxic. It can be the difference between having a great day where you are productive and become a better person to having a terrible day full of negativity and dullness.

I will give you an insight into how I battle negative emotions, allowing myself to have the most enjoyable day possible!

Ask Myself Why

When a negative emotion and/or thought strikes, I ask myself why? Where did this negativity come from and why is it affecting me?

Maybe I was in traffic and someone cut me off or it could be that I slept terrible and everything is agitating me.

Whatever the situation, you need to figure out that one scenario that triggered that negative emotion.


When you figure out what set you off on a path of negativity, you need to think about how significant it is.

Is it worth being grumpy all day over spilt milk? Not really.

If it isn’t as simple as that in your case, you can do one of three things.. or all three:

  1. Think about if it will make a difference within 2 hours of it happening.
  2. Identify if it has caused any harm to anyone’s emotional state.
  3. Ask a friend or family member if it holds any significance.

How I can change it

If you believe is holds any significance whatsoever, you will need to figure out how you can change your mindset to improve the outcome.

Here are a great couple of tips I use to create a positive outcome:

  1. Don’t jump to conclusions: This is a very common occurrence that promotes a negative emotion.

    When something bad happens, we are wired to think the worst outcome possible!

    Prevent yourself from jumping to a conclusion before it starts!
  2. Allow for positivity: Acting in a positive manner, such as providing a helping hand to someone in need is a great way of replacing a negative state with a positive mindset.

    The power of positivity will always outshine negativity. This is a great way to reinforce a positive thought process, allowing for negativity to be kept at a minimum!

    Visit my recent post Truth About Progress, where I have a section explaining the power of positivity with a great example!
  3. Ask for advice: This is a very effective solution. Simply asking a friend or family member what they would do if they were you.

    Allowing for the thought to become spoken about usually dissolves this emotion and you can move on.

Can I Avoid Negativity?

We all would love to avoid negativity at all costs but unfortunately it is impossible.

Humans are wired to analyse both sides of the stone, it’s a survival instinct.

Therefore, we will always have to deal with negativity as much as we are blessed with positivity.

It all comes down to how you handle yourself in these situations that will determine the outcome of your emotions.

When To Ask For Help

If you feel as if you have been overwhelmed with negativity and sadness then don’t be afraid to seek help.

If you don’t feel like yourself and you are worried, trust your judgement and seek help.

There are plenty of ways to find help. Here, you can find out where assistance is available.


This is how I deal with negative emotions on a daily basis. I hope you find any useful information in what I have written. This is all based off of my experienced based knowledge and advice, which has proven to help people in the past!

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