Healthy, Happy and Successful (What I do)

We all inspire to lead lives full of happiness, success and health. To achieve these means you are in a place of complete peace and achievement. It is truly such a great feeling and I am so thankful for being in the position of being healthy, happy and successful.

I want to share with you, how you can do it too!


To be healthy means caring for yourself. You must ensure you have the right mindset at all times to enable yourself to be resilient, hold self respect and most importantly. To strive to improve yourself each and every day!

A positive mindset is essential

Although exercise and nutrition play a vital role in being healthy, you cannot achieve true health until your mind is in the right place! Your brain is the computer system that controls your physical and emotional states as well as your thought process.

By striving to mentally challenge yourself and learn constructive ways of dealing with external and internal stresses the world provides, you will set your mind up to be powerful beyond measures!

You need have the ability to adapt to resilience, optimism, creativity and love for your brain to excel at its highest potential!

A great start to obtaining a more positive mindset is through learning how to understand negative emotions and cope with stress. You can find out how to do this with my recent post, How I Deal With Negative Emotions.


Being happy is very important to me. Without happiness, how can you enjoy life?

Adapt a compassionate state

To be compassionate means to show kindness and love to someone. It also holds a level of willingness to help others and to be thoughtful and caring.

Without a world full of compassion, positivity dies. In order to give yourself a chance at happiness, there must be positivity running through you!

The easiest way to start your journey to a more positive lifestyle is by adapting the mannerisms of a compassionate human.

Try to be kind and caring for those around you. Give a close friend or a family member help with a difficult situation. Start being appreciative of your partner. Even start smiling at people like a weirdo!!

It doesn’t have to be hard. Just try to show more love and care for others. Adapt the mindset of “treat others the way you want to be treated.”

Bring joy to yourself

Follow a dream or a passion. Do not settle for any less!

Allowing yourself to spend time doing something you love and genuinely enjoy will immediately raise your mood.

I understand the mindset of limiting your belief on finding enough time throughout the day to follow a hobby. But you have to prioritise your self as number one if you wish to truly find happiness.

Give, give.. and give some more!

It is very easy to get caught up in our own lives and to forget about those around us in need.

I have discovered that by giving to those in need gives me a feeling of happiness and true joy.

It doesn’t need to be all about giving to the homeless (although I would love for you to!!). It can be as simple as giving your time to helping a friend fix up their car, or give your partner a day to relax whilst you cook them dinner and clean the house.

It can be very small and simple, but the power of giving is underestimated. It causes a knock on effect that is addicting! Once you feel the true power of giving, you won’t want to stop and that is the great thing about it!


To live the life you want is the meaning of being successful, personally speaking.

It isn’t just about money.

It doesn’t have to be the fancy cars, the expensive house or the money (although it would be quite nice!). I find success to be found mostly from within.

Overcoming fears, challenging the mind to become more positive or even just making the decision to follow your dream! Anything positive within your life is a success!

I like to think of my life as a constant uphill battle to success. Where every day is a tiny rock, that eventually will build up to a mountain. The secret to having a quality life, in terms of success is to make those rocks as solid as you can! Meaning, make everyday as productive and filled as possible. No wasting time!

Give your journey meaning

To give your life meaning, treat it as a big adventure!

Try new things, take the time to study yourself. Find out what you are good at, what you aren’t so good at and build the skills necessary to achieve the life you want.

I find goal setting to be the ‘magic’ formula to jumpstarting your journey.

Sit down and figure out what it is in life you want. Write down all the aspects involved in that goal and identify the skills required to master those aspects.


This will be a long term strategy. But, with the time spent building yourself up and providing as much meaning and purpose to yourself is the most effective way to become healthy, happy and successful!

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